If you are a Tenant of the Tom Bradley International Terminal or Terminal 5, and you are trying to reach TBITEC to report a problem or request service, please contact our 24 hour TBIT Duty Manager Hotline or the Terminal 5 Operations Center.


TBIT Duty Manager Hotline: (310) 646-9378

T5 Operations Center: (424) 646-9938

Thanks! Message sent.

The TBITEC Executive Office is located in Suite 4112B on the 4th floor of the Tom Bradley International Terminal North Tower.

TBITEC Mailing Address:

380 World Way, Box S-18

Los Angeles, CA  90045



TBITEC Delivery Address:


Tom Bradley International Terminal

L.A. International Airport

380 World Way

Suite 4112A

Los Angeles, CA 90045




TBITEC T5 Mailing Address:

500 World Way

Box 7

Los Angeles, CA  90045