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MSC Updates

The MSC Program includes a new passenger concourse facility approved as part of the LAX Master Plan in 2004.  The MSC facility will be located west of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

In this area you will find all documents and meeting minutes related to the Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) and Baggage Optimization projects.

MSC 2020

Stakeholder Presentation-May 29, 2020

Stakeholder Presentation-April 30, 2020

Stakedholder Presentation-May 15, 2020

MSC 2019

Stakeholder Presentation September 19, 2019

Stakeholder Presentation September 5, 2019

Meeting Minutes September 5, 2019

Stakeholder Presentation April 18, 2019

MSC - Vanderlande Familiarization

MSC Site Map

TBIT - MSC Remote Gates Operations and Overview

Stakeholder Presentation November 14, 2019

MSC 2017

Executive Kickoff March 1, 2017

OCT 2017 - MSC Stakeholder Coordination Meeting Minutes


Common Use Bag Drop

Common Use Bag Drop Presentation - August 2017 AOC

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