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TBITEC Newsletter

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Over the past eight years, the LAXTEC and TBITEC monthly updates were provided for the TBIT airlines to chronicle the projects during the course of the large capital imporvement program at LAX.  This publication morphed over the years, from a single page update to the TBIT Construction News and ultimitately the TBITEC Newletter to include the capital improvement program at Terminal 2.  After ninety-five action-packed issues, the 96th issue (December 2014) will be the final publication as the TBITEC Newsletter.  The final publication marks the end of TBITEC specific montly update and now, due to LAWA's more expansive capital improvement program that is underway, there will be a more comrehensive newsletter targeted to all airlines serving LAX.  Future publications will be provided by the Airlines Rates & Charges Liaison.



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