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Request for Proposals (RFPs)


Bid Package 16 - Professional Property and Equipment Management Services for Airport Equipment and Systems

Release Date: November 29, 2021

General Description:

TBITEC is responsible for the operation and maintenance of designated facilities, equipment and systems, passenger and aircraft support services at TBIT, TBIT West Gates, Terminal 1.5, Terminal 5, and/or as stipulated in the RFP.


TBITEC desires to obtain the Services of a professional property and equipment management services firm/individual (the “General Manager”), who will be responsible for the management of the Aeronautical Equipment, including, but not limited to, providing and managing day-to-day maintenance and operational related services, coordinating and implementing a scheduled maintenance program and a cost containment program, managing life safety systems and providing other similar services pertinent to the operation of an international airport terminal facilities.

Companies that have demonstrated experience in the area of facilities management, including management of airline and airport property, passenger and aircraft equipment and maintenance, passenger and aircraft support services, and are interested in providing such services to TBITEC may register to receive the Request for Proposals (“RFP”).


A summary description of Equipment, Services and Terminals are set forth in the RFP itself. Companies that are interested may register by following the instructions in the Contractor Registration Form ("CRF") provided below:

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